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Joan %26 Wally Fosnight (
Date:Mon 12 Aug 2013 12:22:58 PM EDT
Subject:A Never To Be Forgotten Client
 Working for Shorewest Realtors, we had the pleasure to be involved with Gil & his lovely wife on a couple of real estate transactions and we're truly inspired by him. His care, attention to detail and true love of his subjects will live on forever in his artwork.

Gary S (
Date:Sun 16 Sep 2012 10:10:20 PM EDT
Subject:So sad to hear of his passing.
  I bought the water color of the Reiss Coal company about 10 years ago and was hoping to collect more of his work.Especially the Detroit and Toledo area roads I am fond of (GTW,AA,D&TSL,DT&I,SEMTA and Detroit Edison).I loved his paintings illustrating trains magazine on an occassional basis as I didn't know the magazine existed until 1979.I have his painting hanging in my living room,professionaly framed and matted,as the picture is one of my favorites.It was the only painting I could find of a great lakes freighter at work.I hope to order the painting of the T-1 at speed as it accompanied a story of how it happened in a back issue of Trains Magazine.Who would have thought that a 4-4-4-4 mallet would do 120 MPH in the 1940's-1950's? It makes me chuckle everytime I think about it.Amtrack can barely match it in the Northeast corridor.

Bill Stokes (
Date:Mon 09 Apr 2012 09:55:05 PM EDT
Subject:Gil Reid Original
 I wrote for Model Railroader, of which Gil Reid was art director, and for Railroad Model Craftsman. Imagine by surprise when one of my stories was illustrated (double page!) by Gil. He even sent me his original drawing, annotated by several other staff members as it made its way through production. I gave the drawing to my son, but have a watercolor print on my family room wall. It depicts a yard at night with three steam locomotives lined up abreast. I treasure the print because of my personal connection with Gil Reid.

David Krisko (
Date:Mon 05 Sep 2011 12:37:25 PM EDT
Subject:Mendota, Ill.
 Hi Gil I'm glad I got this picture it was my mothers home town and my grandpa worked for the CB&Q my mothers sister still lives there and my cousin is married to one of the Phalen. Thanks so much. Dave

Jill Snapp (
Date:Wed 23 Feb 2011 09:22:04 PM EST
Subject:Amtrak crossing Lake Champlain
 I was given a card which depicts an Amtrak passenger train crossing the trestle near our family camp. It is the trestle from Swanton, Vt. to Alburgh, Vt. en-route to Montreal. These trains have not run since the 70's. I am hearing that the Amtrak service may soon begin again to Montreal. I hope so. We, as kids loved to wave at the passengers. Interesting too is the card was from the Claytors. Graham was instrumental with Amtrak, and his brother was with Norfolk Southern. I spent many years in Norfolk, and near those tracks.

GERALD BALISTRERI (gerrybalo@yahoo.degil)
Date:Sat 19 Feb 2011 04:07:19 PM EST
 i was a freind of mr. reid for 40 years whenever mr. reid had a painting for sale i would purchase the painting I have since moved to germany and would like to sell 5 paintings that i just dont have room for they are in the milwaukee area. Some are his early work but the most interesting is the PRR T1 you saw as gill´s header for his web site this is the painting that was used for a cover story in TRAINS MAGAZINE. Anybody that is interested can email me at and i will give you specific info i think its time to have other people injoy his work i have kept 2 pcs for my collection

Tom Shropshire (
Date:Mon 06 Dec 2010 12:47:38 PM EST
Subject:Art classes together
 Gil and I attended watercolor art classes with watercolorist Earl Gessert in the sixties. I was the youngest person in the class and somewhat intimidated by the other student artists that were older and more mature. Gil made me feel at ease. He was always friendly and often humorous. I always remember how he turned every painting project into a train painting. We sat next to each other in the small studio above Earl Gessert's garage and painted side by side. I now teach painting classes myself and just recently one of my students created a train painting and that got me to thinking about my old classmate that I so fondly remembered. I looked him up on the internet and found this sight. Sorry to learn he has passed away ...I would have enjoyed seeing him once more.

Al Schramm (
Date:Tue 16 Nov 2010 01:26:55 PM EST
Subject:Painting Bob %26 Als Rail Inn
 We had a Tavern[ Rail Inn ] in Brookfield Wi. Gil would stop after rehearsing for a little players group. one year he gave me a painting of the old building our bar was located in and it included the Rail tracks and signal.Normally he would just paint the old Depot so it caused no curiosity to see him out there painting away.I loved talking to him and enjoying his freindship.I still cherish.the painting [my birthday present.Time period hard to remember mid 60s-early 70s ?I was in my 20s now in my 70s AL

Bill Lane (
Date:Tue 11 May 2010 08:39:10 AM EDT
Subject:K4 5495
 I met Gil at a PRR T & HS Convention years ago when they honored railroad artists and photographers. Being more of a photographer myself, I admittedly never heard of Gil previously. As it turned out, I spent an afternoon with him railfanning former PRR points of interest west of Rockville Bridge. It was a very cool memorable trip. I only have 1 regret about it.... I had just recently found out that PRR K4 5495 was his favorite locomotive. I have the same affliction. I close to finishing my 4 year project of my 5495 here: If you are reading this after it is done, 5495 will be on the My Models Pages. I also commissioned an art work of my own featuring 5495. Finally, I just presented a tribute to the last K4 made at the 2010 PRR T & HS connvetion that heavily featured 5495. I regret not discussing 5495, as I recently read that he rode in it. However, if his K4 5495 car liscense plate could be had, I would gladly add it to my collection! (:->) 2 blasts of the 5495 whistle to Gil as we leave the station... until we meet again. Thanks Much, Bill Lane 5-11-10

B Upham (
Date:Sun 24 May 2009 06:07:29 PM EDT
Subject:Print at Bellevue OH
 At the museum at Bellevue, Ohio there is a print of a fast moving NYC Hudson passing a block station (I think it was "SU") on the four track mainline at dusk. The location looks like nearby Oak Harbor, Ohio, with a rail bridge in the backround. Does anybody have any detail about this and are prints still available? Cheers, B Upham Lakewood, Ohio

michael iraci (
Date:Sat 01 Nov 2008 12:06:50 PM EDT
Subject:pictures on the wall
 I have only two prints which was all I could afford at Trainfest 2005, and then to find he passed away at my next visit to Trainfest 2007. I couldn't move fast enough to have them framed professionally and hanging on my wall above my HO train layout. Thank you Gil Reid for making Trainfest a memorable one and bringing Duplainville to life on my wall. God Bless You.

David Kalasky (
Date:Fri 02 May 2008 08:51:01 PM EDT
Subject:Gil Reid's Amtrak calenders
 I've been a model train collector for my entrie life and have been collecting railroad artwork well beyond my ability to display them. I have all of the 1950's PRR calenders by Grif Teller and all the wonderful books featuring O. Winston Link's photgraphs of the N&W coal-fired, steam-powered railroad. While at the York TCA train show in April, I was able to find the Amtrak calenders featuring Gil Reid's artwork and now have the 1978 through 1992 issues. His artwork is timeless and will be an account of the "golden years" of Amtrak. I'm curious about the 1991 Amtrak calender as they comissioned noted railroad photographer Richard Steinheimer for the photo used. Also, Gil's web site mentions doing "several Amtrak calenders." What exactly were the years Amtrak utilized these gorgeous pieces of work?

------------------------ Response ---------------------------------------------------
Gil painted the 1974-1990 and 1992 Amtrak Calendars.. We have most of them on display on our website at
We are missing the '74, '75 and '77 calendars. If you are ever able to get them, I'd be grateful if you'd share a photo of the any/all of those that you are able to locate.

There's a little video you can watch at the top of this webpage , with Gil describing his Amtrak work.

Erik Mace


Ed Ellis (
Date:Sat 05 Apr 2008 01:15:51 PM EDT
Subject:An outstanding man
 I just viewed an old episode of Tracks Ahead with Mr. Reid. His easy way of describng how he was painting, his obvious love of trains and his droll humour impressed me very much. His art work is a testament to his life.

B Barnes (
Date:Sun 27 May 2007 01:24:17 PM EDT
Subject:F40ph locomotive (Amtrak)
 Dear Mr. Reid I just found your sight and love the work you do.. I've noticed 1 painting not on the sight.. When I was 7 years old a friend worked for Amtrak (MOW). He gave me a painting labled Amtrack train, consisting of the latest F40PH locomotive and a string of new Amfleet cars, highballs it's way over the countryside..(1976) Will this painting ever be avable for purches again? Loco number 229 is greatly detailed! The reprint I have has seen its better days and is displayed by my model railroad. I will pop back time to time to see if it will be avable again. Thank for your time B Barnes

Dick Bonkoski ([not provided]
Date:Thu 12 Apr 2007 10:36:09 PM EDT
Subject:Roaring Through Rondout
 I first met Gil at Milwaukee's Trainfest at State Fair in 1979 where I bought my first of many train prints, "Roaring Through Rondout". I asked him to resign that print which he gladly did and I still enjoy it today. After taking up painting railroad scenes myself, I arranged to meet Gil at his Elm Grove studio so he could critique some of my earlier paintings. Gil had only kind words for this young artist and I think of him whenever I paint or admire his work. Gil was a master painter and a wonderful man who inspired me back then and still does today.

Mick Boyd, UK. (
Date:Fri 06 Apr 2007 03:58:34 PM EDT
Subject:Gil Reid.
 The obituary by Kevin P. Keefe in the April edition of 'Trains'says it all for me. Reading the last paragraph I realised that we are similar, I too smile when cinders hit my face. Whenever I see one of Gil's pictures in the future I'll smile to myself, remember the paragraph and Gil himself.

Joe Burkel, Rosman, NC. (
Date:Sat 17 Mar 2007 10:29:45 PM EDT
Subject:Gil Reid
 I morn the passing of Gil Reid, Apex of the Atlantics is my favorite book, especially the dust cover.

Tex Wilson (
Date:Wed 14 Mar 2007 12:32:50 PM EDT
Subject:Gil Reid
 I saw Gil Reid's listing at the top of the first page in Google then learned of his passing from this life. My sympathy goes out to Gil's family and friends. I know he will be missed but his bio indicates he had a productive and happy life. Something, for which we all hope. I had heard of Gil's work and met him only once while I was employed as a Graphic Illustrator for Slater-Rost Advertising Studios in Milwaukee. I felt a connection to him because I, too am a railroad enthusiast and artist. Gil Reid's brushes have been stilled but his work and influence lives on. Sincerely, Tex Wilson

Frank Crowe (
Date:Tue 13 Mar 2007 11:14:38 PM EDT
Subject:Mr. Reid
 To the family of Mr. Reid, I was sorry to hear about your loss. Although I never met Mr. Reid, I often saw his art work in various publications. He inspired me by his works. Often an artist can learn by simply looking at others techniques and styles, and I learned a lot from simply looking at his work. He had a unique talent which transported many of us back to another time in railroading. The railroad world will miss him, but his art will always be a standard which railroad artist will measure themselves to. His memories and works will continue to inspire... Frank Crowe

Richard C. Jacobs; Columbus, Ohio (
Date:Fri 02 Feb 2007 03:07:36 PM EST
Subject:Mr Reid
 I'm sorry for your loss. I've always enjoyed admiring Mr. Reid's work. The passing of Mr. Reid is a great loss to railroad fraternity in the United States.

Sara Kaploe (
Date:Sat 27 Jan 2007 03:02:04 PM EST
Subject:My father's passing
 I want to thank each and every one of you who knew, visited with, bought from, and/or admired my father's works. This is a wonderful website that represents my father and his life and his artwork. An excellent job! I and my family thank you for all of your kind thoughts. He was the end of an era and is greatly missed by all of his family and friends. I am fortunate that his life will live on in his work. Again, thanks.

Jim Stob (
Date:Thu 18 Jan 2007 08:43:45 PM EST
Subject:Gil Reid's Passing into Glory
 My Christian sympathy goes out to the Reid family on Gil's passing. But you may take comfort that Gil used the talents God gave him to the best of his ability, and to the Glory of God. I believe he will hear the words "Well done, my good and faithful servant." God bless you during this time of mourning, but take joy in knowing that you will see him again. Sincerely Jim Stob PRRTHS 6951

Greg Molod (
Date:Sat 13 Jan 2007 11:42:35 PM EST
 I was saddened to read of Mr. Reids passing. Truly one of the great artists of our time. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. May they find some solace in knowing that his work will always be remembered, even by those that did not personally know him. Greg Molod

Martin (
Date:Mon 08 Jan 2007 10:18:25 AM EST
 I was shocked at hearing this sad news. I have to say I was lucky to meet him I beleive two years ago. I purchased one of his remarkable Milwaukee Hiawatha Artwork I believe the name is Hiawatha Holidays. I have that hanging in the living room all year round and enjoy it everytime I see it. Gil was one of the best at what he did and even tho He is gone he will always be remembered at The great Railroad artist ever lived.

Chris Hansen (
Date:Mon 08 Jan 2007 09:39:24 AM EST
Subject:Gil Reid
  I met Gil and his wife Lorrayne back in the mid to late 1990's. At the time I was a young man cutting lawns to save money. A good friend of mine, Joe Mace, introduced me to Gil & Lorrayne telling me I would be impressed with how nice of a couple they were. He was right, these two always had a smile on their faces, and were in my oppinion, they are the most friendly people I have ever met. Every time I visited them in their Brookfield home, I was always greeted by Gil, Lorrayne, or both. One thing I will never forget, is a story that Gil told me about my dad, and how he called my dad "Needles Hansen". My dad is a Anesthesiologist (now retired) who apparently helped Gil's first wife Anne get relief from the pain she was feeling. Every since then, he knew my dad only by "Needles Hansen." Everytime I see a train go by, I will think of Gil. The track only leads to good places, and they lead me to Gil & Lorrayne.

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