Amtrak Calendar – 1980


Amfleet Meets Metroliner Across The Susquehanna River Bridge

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Caption reads: A northbound Amfleet train, powered by a new AEM-7 locomotive, meets an upgraded Metroliner-consist on the Susquehanna River bridge between Havre de Grace and Perryville, Maryland.

Full calendar photo below

Bill Schweers shared this great story!

My Grandfather worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad as an Engineer. After his retirement, he still received items from Amtrak such as calendars. I can remember as a teenager, visiting my Grandparents and one such calendar was hanging on the wall. I have always loved trains and took an immediate interest in the calendar. It was Gil Reid?s calendar from 1980 showing the Susquehanna River Bridge. I grew up in Havre de Grace, Maryland and was absolutely fascinated by the picture. I could tell that the view was from behind the American Legion in Havre de Grace and started to look closely at the details of the painting.

Now, whether anyone believes this or not, it is up to you but my best friend and I were on our way to go fishing behind the Legion and I remember seeing a man sitting there painting a picture. I didn?t want to bother him so my friend and I walked out on the wharf and started to fish. Whenever a train passed over the bridge, we would wave to them and they would blow their horns back at us. Because of my above mentioned interest in trains, that was always a treat. I never did see what the man that was sitting on the riverbank was painting.

As I was staring at the calendar at my Grandparents house, I noticed the 2 boys out on the wharf. I was thinking, ?Boy they were lucky to be at the right time and the right place to be a part of……wait a minute…..that?s me and Steve!” I couldn?t believe it! So that?s what the guy was painting! The boy standing with the red hair is my friend Steve and the one sitting cross-legged is me! Of course I was able to get a copy of it which I still have today. I wish I could have thanked Mr. Reid for letting us be part of one of his paintings. Even today, it really means a lot to both my (still) best friend and I.

Here’s a modern day photo of this same location.
(Full calendar approx 23-1/2″ wide x 34″ tall. Image approx 15″ x 22″)


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