HELP NEEDED – Seeking Photos of 1964 Gil Reid Originals for a Story

A former Kalmbach Publishing executive contacted me requesting our assistance in locating several of Gil’s paintings that appeared in a 1964 edition of Trains:

I’m interested in tracking down some paintings that appear to have been lost to history.

There were 10 of them published in the June 1964 issue of Trains magazine, in a story called “The Wonderful Trains of Thomas Wolfe.” In it, Trains ran extension quotations from Wolfe’s famous novels, with Gil’s paintings as illustration. Some of the paintings were really stupendous. All of Gil’s works ran in black-and-white.
Now I’ve taken it upon myself to try to find as many of the original paintings as possible, so I can write a new story to support the paintings in full color.

We would appreciate anyone who has any knowledge of where these paintings currently live. Please contact us here.

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