Back Home Again


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Valparaiso, Indiana 1946–Pennsylvania Railroad’s early morning train to Chicago, the Valpo Dummy, accommodates two more riders, but they wont ride together. John Crosby is the fireman. His wife, Mary will take the daycoach to her job in Chicago. Both will return in the evening in the same manner.

Searching for a way to honor his mother and father, son Mike wanted a momento to emphasize his dad’s lifetime as an engineman. The Valparaiso scene was just the ticket, complete with E6 1649, engineer Elmer E. Vail and the conductor ready to highball. To Mike this is more than a watercolor. It is a trip back home–Valparaiso to be exact.

Color art print 19″ x 12″ on 20″ x 14″ stock


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