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Omaha Union Station, designed by the noted architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood, opened January 1931. It no longer is used by regularly scheduled passenger trains and is known as the DURHAM WESTERN HERITAGE MUSEUM, housing many artifacts covering the history of the Union Pacific Railroad and other lines. However, Union Pacific occasionally operates special trains from this location. All scheduled passenger trains (Amtrak) use the Burlington Northern tracks nearby.

The artwork symbolizes trains and locomotives operating in and out of Omaha Union Station during the years of the changeover from steam to diesel power. Some of the trains shown originated or terminated at Omaha, but not necessarily at the same time or in the order depicted, rather it is a representation of trains one might see within a 24 hour time period.

William W. Kratville commissioned Gil to paint this watercolor of the station, showing seven railroads that used it. The flags above show the roads operation in and out of Omaha Union Station during the 30’s and 40’s, a period of changeover from steam to diesel power.

Train identification starting from right to left:

Track1: Union Pacific locomotive 2906 – Train, The Forty Niner.
Track 2: Union Pacific of Denver M-10005 – Started 1936.
Track 3: Union Pacific City of Portland M-10001 – Started 1935.
Track 4: Milwaukee Road Solarium Observation – The Arrow.
Track 5: Chicago and North Western S4 4-6-4 – The Fast Mail
Track 6: Rock Island Lines – The Rocky Mountain Rocket.
Track 7: Union Pacific 4-8-4 829 – The San Francisco Overland Limited.
Track 8: Milwaukee Road A-Class Atlantic – The Midwest Hiawatha.
Track 9: Missouri Pacific Lines – The Missouri River Eagle.
Track 10: Missouri Pacific rebuilt 4-8-2 – The Sunflower from Kansas City.
Track 11: Illinois Central Pacific-type locomotive – The Hawkeye.
Track 12: Chicago and North Western E-Class 4-6-2 – The “Long Pine Train”.
Track 13: Wabash modernized 600-Class 4-6-2 – The St. Louis Limited.
Track 14: Chicago and North Western, Omaha Div. large 4-6-2 – The Nightingale

Color photo of watercolor artwork – image 23″ x 8″ on 24″ x 10″ Kodak Professional Paper


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