APEX of the Atlantics PRR E6


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This painting is a watercolor by Gil Reid and it was used as a wrap-around dust jacket for the book “Apex of the Atlantics”. The engine depicted in the painting was a favorite of one of the locomotive engineers that operated passenger runs. The PRR never put any fancy ‘doodads’ on this locomotive. No power reverse, no stoker, etc. In fact, later production versions of the E6 never used the devices either. A comparison chart published in the book showed that the E6 won hands-down over all other railroad’s Atlantics except one Atlantic that was rebuilt. In fact the Milwaukee Road’s famous Hiawatha wasn’t as powerful as the E6! The E6 out-classed all other 4-4-2’s during it’s life-span.

An interesting note… it was an E6 that powered a photo lab train from Washington D.C. to New York City. It carried newsreel film shot in France of Lindberg’s famous flight in 1927. The films from several companies came over by sea to the U.S. and were rushed to NYC… the race was on to get news films to the public first. Pathe won, because the film was developed in a special darkroom set up in a Pennsy baggage car while the competition air-flighted undeveloped film to studios in New York. The Pennsy won, due to the set up on the train, and also because E6 No. 140 really tore up the rails getting to NYC.

This is a color photo of Gil Reid’s dusk-jacket painting used on the book APEX OF THE ATLANTICS
(19″ x 8″ image on 21″ x 10″ stock)


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