Mendota, Illinois


Burlington 9977 Mendota, Illinois

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Mendota was a stopover point for most all Burlington passenger trains, with the exception of the California Zepher. The scene shows EMD E8 diesel 9977 with 2250 horsepower and is one of over a hundred units of it’s kind.

Built in 1953 the design configuration and the chrome, the E8 was admired by many railfans. The E8s worked in a power pool, so one day it could be on a commuter, and the next on a long distance passenger train at Mendota. The CB&Q, Milwaukee Road and the ICRR crossed one another at Mendota, In the background is a street lined with stores of many wares, one of them is Phalen’s Drapery and Interiors, and a print of this scene is inside on one of the store walls. The original watercolor is owned by a member of the Phalen family. That’s all – only one original art and only one print was made at the time. Every year, during the Corn Festival the print is displayed in Phalen’s window.

We’ve received permission from the owners to make more prints available.

paper: 24 3/8 ” x 16″ image: 20 1/2″ x 12 1/4″


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